What is a Perinatal Chiropractor?

As a Perinatal Chiropractor, I help guide women through the stages of pregnancy, so that they have the most wonderful experience possible.

Although this is only a small snapshot, I hope to give you some understanding of how I would structure your care from pre-conception to post-partum.


The pre-conception stage is so important to the health of your baby! You are creating a life with the DNA you have at the point in time that you conceive, so wouldn’t you want to be at your best?

I start focusing my perinatal care at this time by aligning your spine, analysing your stressors, checking your movement patterns and assessing your nutrient levels to ensure that your body is ready to conceive.


From the moment of conception, I make a special appointment to understand how you want to write your pregnancy and birth story. Your birth is your choice and I promise to be in your corner! Whether you want to give birth in a hospital or at home, with doctors or doulas, my extensive provider network and I will do our best to help you realise your dreams.

I focus on moving your brain and body into a parasympathetic state, which promotes healing and the growth of new life.


As you grow your body’s needs will change. My adjusting processes are specifically coordinated to align you through this time. I focus on pelvic, rib-cage and mid-brain adjustments to help you feel strong, balanced and stress free.

I assess your sleeping, movement and exercise patterns to keep you comfortable and strong as your body changes its alignment and centre of gravity.


Birth is a beautiful expression of new life, hope and love. It can also be tough on the body and tough on the infant. I am here to help your body function at its highest level to ease the birthing process and its journey back.

This is the time where all of our hard work shines through, studies show having a well aligned pelvis eases the babies movement through the birth canal. The ribs and diaphragm are equally important, allowing for a full and deep breath cycle will ease tension during labour.


Following birth we re-check your pelvic alignment and ligament integrity to help you move back to your pre-pregnancy body. Things may be moving a little differently, or not at all and you may need a little help to feel at ease again.

I am also trained to offer infant care to newborns that are having trouble with breathing, latching, sleeping and colic. I only treat with gentle hands and a warm touch, so you and your baby can feel stress free.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of great love and great mystery. It may be something that happens everyday but it is still a miracle! If you are considering adding to your family and want the best for your family’s health book an appointment today.

Dr Alexandra