Do you have a Ghost injury?


Got back pain and can’t work out where it has come from?

Does your neck hurt but you can’t remember injuring it?

Sudden knee pain without an obvious cause?

You may have sustained a “Ghost Injury”….. spooky!

Just kidding, but your recent onset of pain could be due to an injury in the past that you have forgotten about.

Plenty of patients walk into my practice with pain but cant seem to tie it to a particular injury. Whilst, most pain episodes are a result of your life posture, activity, eating habits and stressors - an adaptive state; some incidences body pain can be caused by injury to a nearby and sometimes far away joint that was injured in the past!


So “Ghost Injuries” are an injury to a body part that happened a while ago, that has been forgotten about or assumed healed, but has instead lingered as a dysfunction which has then, in turn, affected other areas/joints of your body.

Classic “Ghost Injuries” that I see on a weekly basis is an old ankle sprain that has altered the way the knee and hip works, placing more stress on the lumbar spine (low back) and has manifested as low back pain, weeks or sometimes YEARS later!

Take a look in the mirror. Stand facing the mirror in shorts and a singlet…

Do your feet point in the same direction? Do you shoulders sit at the same height? Does your head point more to the left or right? Does one hip sit higher than the other.

Then sit in a chair - what glute (butt cheek) do you sit on more? Left or Right? What direction does your torso lean? Does one of your thighs turn out to the side?

If you are noticing differences from side to side or are confused book an appointment with Dr Alexandra today. Dr Alexandra can scan your body to ascertain whether a “Ghost Injury” is affecting your body now and into the future.

Dr Alexandra