Tis the sneezing season!

With Spring just around the corner some of us are jumping for joy - longer days, warmer weather, flowers blooming. Others, however are dreading the change in seasons…


What are allergies?

Most people who suffer from seasonal allergies are aware of the changing season brings the release of dust and pollens which trigger their symptoms, however do you know what allergies are?

“An allergic reaction is most commonly precipitated by the innapropriate release of histamine from mast cells (one type of blood immune cells) in reaction to a foreign substance entering the body. For example, pollen, dust, animal hair.”

Allergic reactions can vary from itchy eyes to a full on anaphylactic attack which can be deadly. With the variance in severity there is also a wide variance in symptom presentation and body systems affected.

Allergies aren’t just seasonal

When you think allergies, most people think hayfever or animal allergies, however the reaction can occur in the gut too! Histamine release in the gut can affect the gut lining which leads to poor absorption of nutrients from food. It can also cause an imbalance in gut flora which can lead to reflux, bloating, excess wind and constipation/diharrhea.

Other less commonly recognised symptoms of allergies include headaches, migraines, brain fog and mood disturbances!

There is a solution!

Your Chiropractor can guide you through a program to mitigate your allergy symptoms. We use powerful natural supplements and diet emlimination strategies combined with chiropractic adjustments to reduce your symptoms!

Dr A

Dr Alexandra