Are you experiencing pain whilst driving your car?

Or sitting in your chair, or sleeping on one side...or both? This is actually quite a common symptom which more and more people feel these days.

back pain sitting.jpg

Pain in the back, hip or gluteal muscles can be a result of small rotations in the hip joint where they join to the spine (sacroiliac joint), specifically the sacrum. This can be felt as a small uncomfortable ache or as sharp stabbing pains when you go from sitting/sleeping to standing.

lx and SIJ.jpg

What you are experiencing may be dysfunctional joint motion due to poor posture, stress or even old injuries in other areas of the spine. This dysfunction is called a subluxation by Chiropractors.

Additionally, subluxations of the low back or hip joints can reduce your flexibility, coordination and strength of one or both legs.

If you are experiencing this pain you should book an appointment with your local Chiropractor. Fortunately, Chiropractors are uniquely qualified to assess, diagnose and treat disorders of the low back and hip and make you feel great again!

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